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Unleashing melodic storms with every song, the 24-year-old solo artist Juju casts swirling mixes of alt-rock, emotive dark pop and electrically charged vocals. Echoes of influences conjure up a blend of PJ Harvey's grit, Kate Bush's ethereal charm and Florence + The Machine's raw power.

‘i chose the musical name Juju as it was a childhood nickname of mine and i also love the meaning of the word; Juju means a charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powers. i think the dark, mystical and voodoo themes the word evokes are a great fit for me and my music.'

Juju has recently unveiled her debut EP titled 'I've Got A Lot To Say'. The project originated from a collection of voice memos and late-night guitar melodies crafted in the comfort of her bedroom. Over the course of three years, she meticulously pieced together lyrics that explore themes of desire, heartbreak, personal growth, self-reliance and defiance. 'I've Got A Lot To Say' has already garnered significant recognition and admiration from esteemed platforms such as BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6, and BBC Introducing. The EP's compelling storytelling and captivating melodies have struck a chord with listeners, drawing them in with its relatable narratives and magnetic soundscapes. 



However, it's not just the audio aspect that defines Juju's artistic vision; visuals play a vital role in her work as well. Embracing a multi-faceted approach, Juju directs her own music videos and crafts original visual content. By doing so, she ensures that her songs are further brought to life, each having their own distinct world to reside in. 

“This is alt-rock with an impish grin, dark pop with a mischievous wink. It's the kind of music that makes you want to raise a glass, filled with something appropriately infernal, of course, and sing along until your voice hoarse. Juju's charisma is so potent you'd be prepared to sell your soul (and I can do you a good deal if you're in the soul selling market) for a front-row seat at one of her performances.”

- The Devil Has The Best Tuna

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